With the principle of "Quality Comes First" and over 50 years experience, our company serves to customers without compromising customer satisfaction.

Our quality system was created in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system requirements, environment friendly and eliminating the risk that threaten occupational health and safety with the princible "Continuous Quality Means Increasing Production"

Our Company is a leading company in the sector with over 50 years of experience and highly qualified staff.

Our customer satisfaction rate was 94% in 2018 according to the customer survey. We handle the demands and complaints of our customers with high priority and provide fast and reliable solutions.

We can adopt more than 600 different parts to the production line flexibly and we aim to make our production efficient.

We offer technical support to our customers with our highly qualified staff. Especially in planning new projects, we work together with the customers’ technical team to come up with the optimal design.

The molds are designed by our R&D experts and produced completely in house by our tooling department. This allows us to improve the molds continuously for our customers’ benefits.

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